Victor Mapani

The Managing Director of Zesco Limited, Zambia’s power utility company, Mr Victor Mapani, has been reportedly sacked, according

It is not clear what caused his dismissal but it is likely his dismissal has to do with the ongoing load-shedding in the southern African nation.

In a WhatsApp chat with a Zambia-based journalist, Francis, he said Mr Mapani is alleged to have hiked electricity tariff a week ago without consulting the government, despite the debilitating power crisis in the country.

According to him, Mr Mapani was forced to proceed on leave with no sign of his return.

Zesco Limited began eight hours of load-shedding in Lusaka and surrounding towns in March this year.

After a few weeks, the company reviewed the load-shedding hours upwards.

On Sunday, May 12, 2024, Zesco Limited reviewed the load shedding hours to between 12 and 22 hours.

A few weeks ago, some Zambians who are into small-scale and medium enterprises demanded the resignation or dismissal of the Managing Director of Zesco Limited.

In the petition which was signed by Daimone Siulapwa, the group stated that the unprecedented levels of load shedding have plunged homes, businesses and essential services into extended periods of darkness.

“This chronic power shortage has had devastating consequences on our daily lives, hindering productivity, disrupting education, compromising healthcare, and stifling economic growth.

“Despite repeated assurances from ZESCO’s management, led by Managing Director Victor Mapani, the situation has only worsened, with no tangible solutions in sight. Instead of addressing the root causes of the power crisis and implementing effective measures to alleviate the burden on citizens, ZESCO’s leadership has failed miserably in fulfilling its mandate,” a portion of the petition said.

The group accused the Managing Director and his team of grossly failing to meet the expectations of the Zambian people, stating that “his inability to provide reliable and sustainable power supply demonstrates a lack of leadership and competency that cannot be tolerated any longer.”

They demanded that the top management salaries should also be cut by 25 per cent.

“The resignation of Managing Director Victor Mapani and salary cuts for the remaining management team are necessary steps towards restoring the integrity and credibility of ZESCO and ensuring that the citizens of Zambia receive the reliable and affordable electricity they deserve.”