Sudan: Minister Of Energy And Oil Heralds Approaching Repumping Southern Sudan Oil


Sudanase Minister for Energy and Oil, Dr. Mohieddin Naeem Mohamed Saeed, has heralded the near completion of work on re-pumping South Sudan’s oil.

This came during his inspection visit on Wednesday to the fifth pumping station from Jebel Um Ali in the Nile River State, affirming that work has reached about 80% so far.

He appreciated the efforts of the workers at Bashair Pipeline Company (BAPCO) who continue to work day and night until the dawn of Eid in order to accelerate the pace in dealing with the stoppage of pumping to avoid economic and technical losses to the country and South Sudan.

The Minister inspected the valve at the station and was briefed on the alternative plans.

For his part, Engineer Ibrahim Adam, General Manager of Bashair Pipelines Company (BAPCO), stressed that the work is taking place according to the plans drawn up by the company, indicating that the company’s employees continue to work without stopping even during the blessed Eid Al-Adha holiday, stressing that their Eid is in the fields of work and the effort has been crowned with success, adding that soon Sudan and South Sudan will be heralded with the return of pumping.