Renewable energy generation capacity in China has surpassed 50% of the total this year, China Daily reported today, noting that share was in excess of 145 GW.

The report did not, however, go into detail about the energy sources included in the total renewable capacity and how much of each was in the mix.

However, in terms of production hydrocarbons still rule with a 70% of the total output, led by coal.

China is the world’s largest investor in wind and solar, but it is also investing heavily in hydropower and hydrocarbons as it pursues an “all of the above” approach to energy supply.

It became notorious earlier this year for approving the equivalent of two new coal power plants weekly, according to climate think tanks even as it also boosted it wind and solar generation capacity.

China itself says the approach is motivated by its prioritization of energy security over emission footprints.



Source: Oil Price