Group Blames MP For Lower Krobo For Impasse Between PDS And Residents Over Electricity Bills


For immediate Release:

Blame Hon. OKLETEY TERLABI for the impasse that ensued between the youth of Kroboland PDS officials and the Ghana Police

The Concern Youth of Kroboland has watched with keen interest the various commentaries on the current electricity bill issues between the good people of Manya krobo, the Power Distribution Service (PDS) and the Ghana Police Service. The most observed comments which have been become a concern to us as a group is that of the Member of Parliament (MP) Hon. Okletey Terlabi. His commentaries and posture in the media have come as a surprise to many of us and we deem it fit to set the records straight in order to send a strong warning to opportunistic politicians whose aim is to capitalise on our plight to exploit our intelligence.

Whilst effort is being made by respected advocacy groups and other stakeholders in Kroboland to engage the PDS to relook at our bills and correct the anomalies, the Concern Youth of Kroboland wishes to state UNEQUIVOCALLY FOR THE RECORDS that the honourable MP did nothing to help solve the issues of anomalies on the electricity bills when these issues were raised in the year 2014 till date. In fact, he always goes into *hibernation* when citizens raise that issue. Therefore it is surprising that all of a sudden he has metamorphosed from that *“laissez faire”* leadership style to the kind he is portraying lately when this issue heightened again. His antics to shift leadership blame to others whiles he has the opportunity as the MP and *REPRESENTATIVE* of the people to file questions in parliament or engage the relevant bodies to demand answers since 2014 can never be grossed over.

For the records, we want the good people of Ghana and Manya Krobo to know that he has stimulated these problems that have engulfed us through a pressure group called *UNITED KROBO FOUNDATION.* This group has been used as the vehicle to pollute the minds of the good people of Manya Krobo to disregard a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PDS and advocacy groups on several consultative and dialogue meetings held with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) now PDS, on the roadmap to solve this issues permanently. It is of public knowledge that he is the major financier of the said group led by one *Teye Kwao Kasim popularly known as ALHAJI.* A lifetime patron conferred on him by the leadership of the said group and they were able to mention the amount so far spent by the MP to finance their activities on public platforms mounted by them.

Honestly, what we are seeing now though upsetting but is no surprise to us in retrospect because we have an MP who is only interested in how to crush and subtly defame leaders of the land in order to lead. It is very disappointing, to say the least, the tangent on which the honourable MP wants his followers to emulate him. Our advice to him is not to use every given opportunity, to be running down good initiatives in Manya Krobo merely to realise his narrow, parochial and partisan interest. That is alien to Krobo culture.

We urge him to emulate the sincerity and the accuracy put out by his colleague MP for Yilo Krobo honourable Magnus Kofi Amoatey with regards to these electricity bill issues in the Krobo areas.

To end, we call on all youth leaders in Kroboland to calm down their followers, unite and reengage PDS and other stakeholders to resurrect the MoU signed earlier in 2018 and implement the agreed roadmap to forestall peace and stability that the Kroboland is noted for. We also urge the Ghana Police and PDS officials to also be professional and customer care oriented towards the people they serve.

Thank you.


1. Daniel Sackitey
*(Convener) 0208881254*

2. Felix Batsa Akweteh
*(Organizer) 0246135670*

3. Alfredi Mamle Augustina
*(Women Commissioner) 0244316594*