Mr Samuel Dubik Mansubir Mahama Esq

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has been celebrating the achievements of its Managing Director, Samuel Dubik Mansubir Mahama (Esq), who assumed office two years ago.

Dubik Mansubir Mahama, who was a member of the ECG Board, was appointed by President Akufo-Addo in May 2022 to replace Kwame Agyeman Budu who attained mandatory retirement age.

Marking his second anniversary on Tuesday, ECG, in a Facebook post described Mr Dubik Mansubir Mahama’s two years in office as transformational.

The ECG wrote: “Yesterday marked a significant milestone as our Managing Director; Mr Samuel Dubik Mahama Esq, achieved two years of exemplary leadership at ECG. Under his guidance, we have witnessed remarkable transformations.”

The ECG then highlighted some of the things that have been done since his leadership.

According to the ECG, it has implemented digital solutions for seamless payment and billing processes, which ensured convenience for its customers and combating losses and corruption.

It again mentioned the revamping of the ECG PowerApp, by making it more user-friendly and accessible, resulting in a surge of active users from 500,000 to over 3.5 million.

The company further touted the elevation of its monthly revenue from GH¢400 million to an impressive GH¢1 billion, enabling it to invest in improving services.

“Significantly reducing meter request backlogs through the Loss Reduction Project (LRP), injecting 275,000 meters into the system and improving efficiency.

“Replacing outdated meters with our enhanced meter management system, ensuring accuracy and reliability for our customers across operational regions,” ECG said.

The company concluded its message by asking Ghanaians to join it in applauding its Managing Director for his visionary leadership and thanking its staff for their dedication and support in achieving these milestones.

However, some Ghanaians who visited the ECG’s Facebook page to comment expressed varying views.

While a few of them commended Mr Dubik Mahama’s efforts so far, others believed the ECG was being insensitive to Ghanaians for asking them to commend him (the MD) when they have been experiencing power outages in their homes.

The post had garnered 1.100 likes with 768 comments and 97 shares as of Wednesday morning.

A social media user by the name of Mckingtorch Makafui Awuku, wrote: “This should be an internal memo. When consumers wanted a timetable for outages, you ignored them. It’s insensitive. Or the customer is not king?”

Another user by the name of Sos Lives wrote: “I applied for prepaid metering in January this year for my shop, paid all necessary fees and expectations done. But I’m yet to get my meter fixed because I learned there is no meter available. How do u [sic] guys expect start-ups in this country to do well with this kind of messed up system?”