Parts of Tanzania are currently experiencing a power outage as a result of a system error which occurred at a gas-fired plant operated by Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco).

A journalist in Mwansa, one of the towns in Tanzania, told this portal that “since yesterday, we have not had power.”

On Tuesday, Tanesco warned of possible power outages in parts of the East African nation due to a system error which occurred.

The company said the error resulted in a shortfall of 268 megawatts of power in the transmission system, a statement signed by Tanesco’s Directorate of Communications and Public Relations on Tuesday, August 22, 2023, indicated.

As of 2021, Tanzania’s power generation capacity was around 1,500 megawatts from various sources, therefore, the shortfall would lead to a lack of electricity service at different times across the country.

“Efforts to fix the problem are ongoing and we will notify our customers every four hours as the power availability improves,” part of the statement said.






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