The Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) has disconnected over 6,000 customers from the national grid for their indebtedness to the company.

NEDCo embarked on a revenue mobilisation exercise on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, to retrieve about Gh¢1.7 billion owed them by their customers.

So far, about Gh¢7,984,658.40 has been retrieved from customers who owed outstanding payments.

Speaking to journalists, Mr. William Asare, who is the Regional Billing and Revenue Mobilisation Officer of VRA/NEDCo, said the revenue mobilisation exercise would continue to ensure improved service delivery and value for money for customers.

He said as of May 17, 2023, a total of 6,321 customers who owed various sums of money had been disconnected.

Out of this number, approximately 2,891 customers had made partial payments and had been reconnected.

Furthermore, the company has taken measures to engage with institutions that previously did not pay their bills.

Agreements have been signed with several health facilities to ensure payment of current bills and arrears over a specified period.

In addition to disconnections, the company has also identified 321 customers who were involved in illegal connections or power theft.

Letters have been served to these customers, and while some have made payments and been reconnected, others have not.

The outstanding customers who have not paid anything toward their bills would be compiled and sent to the company’s legal department for prosecution.

Mr. Asare emphasised the company’s commitment to recouping all outstanding debts from customers.

Although progress has been made in the revenue mobilisation efforts, there is still a significant outstanding balance of Gh¢125 million.

The company aims to sustain the exercise to collect current bills and reduce arrears, which will contribute to the overall sustainability of VRA/NEDCo’s operations.

He urged customers to promptly settle their bills to avoid disconnection from the national power grid.






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