Ghana’s second largest state power producer, Bui Power Authority, posted a profit of US$74 million in the 2022 financial year, CEO of BPA Samuel Kofi Dzamesi, has revealed.

“In 2022, the Authority raked in a US$74 million-dollar profit…the highest generated so far since the dam started actual production,” he said.

BPA operates 404MW Bui Power Hydroelectric Dam on the Bui River, a Solar Power plant, floating solar and mini-hydro at Abehenease in the Hohoe Constituency in the Volta Region.

Mr. Dzamesi expressed worry about the inability of ECG to pay for the power supply to them.

According to him, the power distribution company owes a colossal US$612 million as at February 2023.

Mr Dzamesi said, “I can tell you that since the inception of the BPA, the ECG has never been able to pay more than 30 per cent of what we generate. What I mean is that, for every 100 units of power generated, the ECG pays 30 units.

“If the ECG can pay all the money, I think by this time, we could do much more than what we are doing on the solar,” he stated.





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