The consumption of petroleum products declined significantly in the Republic of Ghana in 2022 as compared to the 2021 consumption, can report.

According to data sourced from the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), petrol consumption declined by 154,314,742 litres in 2022 while diesel consumption declined by 153,278,300 litres.

Kerosene consumption declined by 741,000 litres while premix fuel consumption fell by 64,516,500 litres.

The data showed that Residual Fuel Oil consumption went down by 26,857,700 while Heavy Fuel Oil consumption declined by 84,346,397 litres.

However, the consumption of AGO (diesel for mines) increased by 13,112,600 in 2022.

In 2021, petrol consumption was 2,226,994,900 litres while consumption in 2022 was 2,112,680,158 litres.

In the same year, diesel consumption was 2,074,134,000 litres while consumption in 2022 was 1,920,855,700 litres.

Kerosene consumption in 2021 was recorded at 5,688,000 litres while consumption in 2022 was 4,947,000 litres.

Premix consumption in 2021 stood at 104,098,500 litres while consumption in 2022 was pegged at 39,582,000 litres.

Fuel prices shot up astronomically in 2022 with diesel sold at Gh¢23.89 per litre while petrol sold at Gh¢18 per litre in October.

The high cost of fuel in 2022 forced many private car owners to park their cars and patronised public transport.





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