Ghana’s leading indigenous Oil Marketing Company (OMC), GOIL, has announced a significant reduction in both gasoline and gasoil at the pump effective Thursday, February 16, 2023.

A litre of petrol is selling at GH¢14.50 while diesel is selling at GH¢14.90.

During the first pricing window which ended on Wednesday, GOIL sold both petrol and diesel at Gh¢15.25 per litre.

Per Thursday’s announcement, petrol price has been reduced by 75 pesewas while diesel saw a reduction of 35 pesewas.

Other oil marketing companies are likely to adjust their pump prices later today or tomorrow, Friday.

Crude oil prices have been hovering around US$85 per barrel.

Prices of petrol and diesel may further go down next week as BOST is expecting the arrival of a cargo of gasoline (petrol) under the government’s ‘Gold for oil’ programme.




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