Ghana’s petroleum downstream regulator, National Petroleum Authority (NPA), has issued a warning notice to 47 Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) that are indebted to Primary Distribution Margin Fund.

The Authority gave the companies up to 22nd February 2023 to settle their indebtedness or have their shareholders’ and directors’ names published.

In a notice issued by the NPA on Wednesday, 8th February 2023, it said the Authority would be compelled to use all lawful means to retrieve the monies owed if they failed to settle their indebtedness.

The NPA did not disclose how many years the companies have owed the Primary Distribution Margin Fund, which is one of the tax components on petroleum products.

The Primary Distribution Margin is charged on every litre of petrol and diesel and it’s collected by the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

It is used to offset cost incurred in moving petroleum products from the coastal depots to the in land depots.

Among the 45 companies mentioned in the NPA statement are Apex Petroleum Ghana Limited, Santol Energy Limited, Havilah Oil Ghana Limited, Life Petroleum Company Limited, Rich Oil Company Limited, Petro Afrique Ghana Limited, and Champion Oil Company Limited.

Below is the full list of defaulting OMCs

Apex Petroleum Ghana Limited

Best Petroleum

Bisvel Petroleum Services

Black Rock Energy Limited

Capstone Oil Limited

Champion Oil Company Limited

Deep Petroleum Limited

Deliman & Co Limited

G& G Oil Limited

Glee Oil Limited

Golden Petroleum Limited

Havilah Oil Ghana Limited

Hossana Oil Company Limited

Humano Energy Limited

Jas Petroleum Limited

Karela Oil And Gas Limited

Life Petroleum Company Limited

Lillygold Energy Resources Limited

Maiga & Hhm Company Limited

Mba Global Petroleum Limited

MM Energy Limited

Nuru Oil Company Limited

Nujenix Company Limited

Orient Energy Limited

Oval Energy Company Limited

P&O Energy Company Limited

Perfect Petroleum Company Limited

Petra Energy Limited

Petro Afrique Ghana Limited

Petro XP Ghana Limited

Precious Energy Ghana Limited

Q8 Oil (Gh) Company Limited

Rich Oil Company Limited

Rodo Oil Limited

Royal Roses Oil Company Limited

Safety Petroleum Limited

Santol Energy Limited

Sawiz Petroleum Company Limited

Sephem Oil Company Limited

Sky Petroleum Limited

Spirits Petroleum Limited

Titan Petroleum Limited

Union Oil Ghana Limited

Universal Oil Company Limited

Warren Oil Company Limited

Zoe Petroleum Limited





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