Fuel prices at the pump have dropped significantly across the various filling stations in the Republic of Ghana, energynewsafrica.com can confirm.

A litre of petrol is now selling at Gh¢15.49 while diesel is selling at Gh¢18.86.

Previously, diesel sold at Gh¢19.77 while petrol sold at Gh¢16.26 per litre.

However, due to the fall in crude oil prices on the world market and the stability of the Ghanaian cedi Oil Marketing Companies have reviewed their pump prices downward.

As result, GOIL is now selling petrol at Gh¢15.41 per litre while diesel is sold at Gh¢18.86 per litre.

TotalEnergies is selling petrol at Gh¢15.40 per litre while diesel is sold at Gh¢18.85 per litre.

Shell is selling diesel at Gh¢ 18.99 per litre while petrol is sold at Gh¢15.49 per litre

Petrosol is selling diesel at Gh¢18.84 per litre while petrol is being sold at Gh¢15.39 per litre.

Star Oil is selling petrol at Gh¢14.88 per litre while diesel is sold at Gh¢18.69 per litre.

Zen petroleum is selling petrol at Gh14.99 per litre while diesel is sold at Gh18.99.

Puma is selling petrol at Gh¢15.29 while diesel is being sold at Gh¢18.49.







 Source: https://energynewsafrica.com





 Source: https://energynewsafrica.com




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