Algeria has banned the importation of diesel cars or diesel cars made in the country for environmental and regulatory reasons.

Given this, local car manufacturers are required by law to start producing, at least, one range of electric vehicles if they have been trading for five years or more.

When the Algerian government banned imports of assembly line kits two years ago, several car businessmen were successfully prosecuted and jailed for fraud and money laundering.

Those strict importation measures caused a nationwide shortage of cars and led to an unprecedented surge in prices.

There are more than 6.5 million licensed vehicles in Algeria, according to the latest data from the office for national statistics.

At the last count in 2019, World Bank data listed Algeria’s carbon dioxide emissions per capita at 3.98 metric tons; almost half of South Africa’s 7.51 metric tons per capita, but both countries are eclipsed by the US whose carbon dioxide emissions are at an estimated 14.67 metric tons per capita.







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