Customers of ECG, Ghana’s southern electricity distribution company, who had difficulty in purchasing credit on their prepaid meters can now buy credit, can report.

Customers of ECG mostly those using ECash and PNS Metering System, experienced difficulty in purchasing credit for more than three days.

A statement issued by ECG blamed the development on technical challenges.

On Thursday, the company, in an update on the issue, indicated it had been able to resolved the issue halfway and urged customers in Accra, Volta, Central and Eastern Regions to go to their district offices and buy credit.

In another update on Saturday, ECG said the technical challenges had been resolved.

That means, customers could purchase electricity credits from their nearest vending points and all ECG District offices, including Sunday, 2nd October,2022 from 9am -4pm.

ECG once assured its customers that it is working assiduously to restore the power App for an improved and seamless service provision.





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