South Africa has the key to unlocking the climate challenge. This is the view of Mojabeng Manthata, Acting Head, Energy, Environment and ICT, Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA).

Speaking at the #EnlitAfrica2022 conference in Cape Town on Africa’s transition to green energy, Manthata said, “We have both the challenges and the opportunities and can serve as an example to the rest of the world.”

Rather than viewing the country’s energy crisis as an insurmountable hurdle, Manthata urged stakeholders in the energy supply industry to view it as an opportunity.

Manthata said many of South Africa’s power plants had approached the end of their lives and were needing to be decommissioned.

“We now have the opportunity to replace assets for the future,” she said.

South Africa had committed itself to being carbon-free and had abundant resources such as wind and water, making the time ripe to attract international investors.

By converting existing coal mines and plants to greener options, the existing communities, including women, could be transformed and upskilled.

“Decentralised energy is the cheapest form of energy and can be implemented quickly. However, we need to act fast,” she said.



Source: Esi-Africa


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