Ghana’s southern power distribution company, ECG, intends to embark on capital intensive projects aimed to improve power reliability and quality within five years, spanning 2022 to 2027.

The company wants to expand its network, undertake project to reduce losses and improve operational efficiency (including revenue mobilisation and system reliability.

According to ECG, most of the projects would be executed in Greater Accra because it has the highest demand.

The company said this in its 2022-2026 Multi Tariff Review document presented to the utilities regulator Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) for consideration.

ECG explained that the total cost of its network expansion, loss reduction and improvement in operational efficiency will be US$1.51 billion.

“Out of the total planned investment cost of US$959.85 million, the amount incorporated in this tariff proposal is USD839.09 million. This excludes the cost for electricity access projects(USD33.5m) and 10% contingency (87.26m). Electricity access projects could be funded by the government and would, therefore, not qualify to be factored in the tariff proposal,” ECG said.

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