Ghana’s southern Electricity Distribution Company (ECG) has served notice to government institutions and private entities that are owing the company to settle their indebtedness or face disconnection.

“All ECG customers and government institutions including state-owned enterprises will be disconnected by the task force so long as their bills are in arrears as stipulated by PURC regulations. ECG reserves the right to publish the names of customers whose bills are in arrears. Please pay your bills promptly to avoid any embarrassment,” a notice issued by ECG said.

The power distributor encouraged the public to report any act of illegal connection to the nearest ECG office or call the task force via the telephone number 0551444011 for an informant reward of six per cent of the surcharged amount upon confirmation of the crime.

The ECG formed a National Taskforce under its revenue mobilisation unit last year to retrieve monies owed by consumers.

Since then, the Taskforce has been visiting institutions and disconnected power supply to those owing arrears including the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).




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