Ghana is in the process of passing legislations that would regulate the manufacturing and importation of solar systems in the country.

The solar industry is growing steadily in the West African nation with more companies and individuals investing in solar systems to generate electricity on their own.

However, the absence of legislations to regulate the solar industry to ensure that only quality solar systems are imported into the country is serving as a disincentive to people who may want to invest in solar systems.

It is in this regard that Ghana’s technical electricity regulator, the Energy Commission, has drafted regulations that would regulate the industry to insulate the market against substandard products.

The regulations are focusing on three components of solar systems namely; solar panels, solar batteries and inverters.

Last week, the Energy Commission held a two-day stakeholder engagement with solar industry players in Accra, the capital of Ghana, to discuss the draft regulation.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the industry players to make input into the regulation.

The Energy Commission is expected to also engage the Subsidiary Legislation Committee in Parliament.

After a successful engagement with relevant stakeholders, the Commission would then, through the Energy Minister, put the draft regulations before Parliament for consideration and passage into laws.

Speaking to Director for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the Energy Commission, Mr Kofi Adu Agyarko said the stakeholder engagement was one of the important requirements for getting the regulation in place.

He said the Commission would incorporate the views of the stakeholders and publish them in the media before they would be forwarded to Parliament for consideration.

He said consumers would be sensitised through the media.

He was hopeful that in less than a year, the regulation should come into force.

Mr  Kofi Adu Agyarko expressed the belief that the passage of the regulation would go a long way to sanitize the solar industry.









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