Ghana’s leading oil marketing company, GOIL Company Limited, has adjusted its fuel prices at the pump by five pesewas.

As of Wednesday, GOIL Company Limited was selling both Super XP and Diesel XP at Gh¢6.65 per litre.

It is not clear whether Shell, which is one of the leading Oil Marketing Companies, will adjust its fuel prices upward as GOIL and TotalEnergies have done.

Currently, TotalEnergies is the only OMC selling Super and Diesel at Gh¢ 6.80 and gh¢6.85 per litre respectively.

GOIL and Shell are selling at Gh¢6.65, 20 pesewas lower than TotalEnergies.

Some OMCs like Frimps Oil is selling a litre of diesel and petrol at Ghc6.27 per litre while Pacific sells at Ghc6.29 per litre.

Frimps sells at GHc6.43 per litre.

Earlier this week, COPEC predicted that the ex-pump prices of petrol and diesel would surge by 3.7 per cent and 2.5 per cent respectively on the local market.

“In nominal terms, ex-pump prices of petrol and diesel are expected to increase by 24 pesewas and 17 pesewas respectively.

“The average surge for both products in nominal terms is 20 pesewas, representing 3.1 per cent. Some OMCs could increase their prices less than the 20 pesewas due to competition,” COPEC concluded in a statement.










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