Ghana has inaugurated National Energy Transition Committee to develop a national policy document on steps the country would take to withstand the impact of the global energy transition.

The committee, chaired by Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, Deputy Minister for Energy, has its membership drawn from the Ministry of Energy, its agencies such as the Energy Commission, National Petroleum Authority, Ghana Gas Company Ltd as well as the Ministries of Finance, Transport, Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation and Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD).

The committee’s terms of reference are:

-To assess the current situation in the energy sector and the effectiveness of existing policies and measures;

– To determine national objectives and targets for the transition;

– To prescribe policies and measures for achieving these targets;

-To assess the benefits, risks and cost of the global energy transition and prescribe risks mitigation measures;

-To identify any cross-cutting issues that must be addressed.

The first draft of the committee’s plan is to be delivered within the first quarter of 2022, with the final submission date to be determined upon submission of its work plan and situational analysis.







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