Dr Stephen Yamoah, Executive Director for Nuclear Power Ghana making a presentation at Workshop for Ghanaian Journalists in Accra recently.

Nuclear Power Ghana (NPG), the agency responsible for spearheading the construction of Ghana’s first nuclear power plant has begun reviewing RFI responses received from six vendor countries.

According to the executive director of NPG Dr Stephen Yamoah, his outfit through the Ministry of Energy issued Request for Information (RFI) to six vendor countries namely; China, India, Russia, USA, South Korea and France.

He said the RFI sought for both technical, financial and contractual information from the vendor countries regarding thetechnology they intend to deploy to Ghana.

He said out of the sixcountries, they received proposals from five countries with the exception of India which did not respond to their RFI because of some local project commitments which would be challenging to commit to Ghana.

Dr Yamoah said initially Canada was not among the vendor countries they issued the RFI to but said Canadian vendors got the hint of the RFI they issued to USA and some responded to be considered for the selection process thereby bringing the total number of countries to seven.

Dr Yamoah said there are fifteen different technologies that his outfit is currently reviewing from the six vendor countries.

The size of the reactors being proposed by the vendor countries ranges from 700MWe to 1400MWe for large reactors and 50MWe to 300MWe for small modular reactors.

Speaking in an interview with energynewsafrica.com, Dr. Yamoah said his outfit is critically reviewing all the responses and hopes to complete the process by the end of December.

He said after the review process, a report shall be submitted to the Minister for Energy for onward submission to Cabinet for consideration and decision on which strategic partner Ghana want to move along with.




Source: https://energynewsafrica.com


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