Ing. William Amuna, Technical Controller at Millennium Development Authority

A former Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), a power transmission company in the Republic of Ghana, Ing. William Amuna is urging Africans to interconnect the various power pools within the continent to facilitate power export.

Emphasizing on the benefits to be derived from interconnecting the power pools Ing. Amuna said it will lead to more efficient supply of electricity and less cost.

He noted that East Africans have their power pool, with South Africa, North Africa and West Africa having theirs too.

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“There is the need to pull all these power pools as that is the best way to go so that in future, somebody in South Africa can have his power plant and can export power to Ghana or Nigeria or any part of West Africa,” he said.

Speaking at a symposium organised by the Federation of African Engineering Organisations (FAEO) via zoom, Ing.
Amuna stressed the need for African countries to invest heavily in the power supply, saying it would lead to improved economies.

Ing. Amuna, who is a technical controller at Millennium Development Authority (MiDA), an implementing agency for Ghana Power Compact II, expressed worry about how electricity produced are sometimes not consumed.

This, he said places a huge task on the continent to promote and implement a sustained energy efficiency and demand side management.

“Sometimes you have electricity but people don’t want to use it efficiently, ” he said.

He revealed that Ghana and Burkina Faso would soon construct another interconnection line to boost power transmission.



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