Dr Elisabeth Källström,

Volvo Construction Equipment Diagnostic Engineer, Dr Elisabeth Källström, has launched ‘Clean Air for Africa’ initiative, aimed at creating awareness and advocacy to promote renewable energy, proper waste management and legislation around emissions levels in Nigeria and other African countries.

Källström, in a statement issued on Monday, said research showed that there was no strict legislation across African countries guiding, regulating or checking emissions from vehicles and generator engines.

She emphasised the need to replace dirty generators with clean solar power, saying the initiative would bring about the installation of free solar panels in various communities to create mini-grids of cleaner and more sustainable power.

She disclosed that she was also working on three different air quality research projects through two Nigerian universities, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

“The focus of the research is on measuring air quality from vehicle emissions, in the classroom and in the outdoors,” Källström said.

Källström said she had had discussions with Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Environment to help put together emission legislation for Nigeria and that she was also setting up the Air Quality Society of Africa with professors in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya, and two doctors in Nigeria.



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