Joseph Kweku Horgle, CEO of JK Horgle Transport & Company Ltd, Republic of Ghana

Petroleum haulage and transportation company, JK Horgle Transport and Company Ltd says it has retained its 700 workers despite the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which has affected business activities in the Republic of Ghana.

The company’s CEO, Joseph Kweku Horgle said his company decided to maintain all the staff for a good reason.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Mr Horgle said the coronavirus pandemic is having a dire impact on the company’s revenues yet it prefers to keep workers because it has invested so much into them by way of training.

“On our side, we train our drivers and we spend huge sums of money in training them. We can’t give them all this training and ask them to go home. We will lose. People even try to poach our drivers because they are well trained,” he said.

He said the only thing that would send any worker out of the company is when an employee goes contrary to the laid down rules.

He, however, lamented that their business has gone down by 40 percent due to the coronavirus “and so the company is incurring additional cost by buying hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, thermometer guns to ensure that workers observe the covid-19 safety protocols.”

Mr Horgle, who was hopeful of business activities bouncing back in the future, urged industry players to remunerate and also invest in the training of their staff to enable them prevent industrial accidents.

“Don’t just buy a vehicle and not pay the driver well. Pay them well and invest in their training to know how to fight fire,” he advised.


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