GESS Supports Dubai’s Green Economy Agenda

Anita Nouri, CEO of Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability (GESS)

Dubai is leading the way in pursuit of an aggressive green economy agenda in the Gulf Cooperative Countries (GCC).

Interestingly, Green Energy Solutions and Sustainability (GESS), a Dubai-based company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is supporting the Sustainable Strategies of the Government of UAE and thinks in the same direction.

They do not want history to be written without them.

Headed by an extraordinarily strong and dynamic energy personality as its Chief Executive Officer, Anita Nouri’s organisation has succeeded over the last few years to make a significant impact.
GESS has pursued an agenda to degassed landfill to generate electricity.

Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability has designed, built and operated the first landfill gas to energy project in the region with the cooperation of Dubai Municipality at the Al Qusais landfill.

“We have installed pipes in the ground that are capable of degassing 6,000Ncbm of gas per hour, which has the capacity to generate 12MW of electricity. With Phase 2 and with the expansion, our goal is to connect that power to the grid and be part of the aggressive targets Dubai has set,” Anita Nouri said.

According to Anita Nouri, landfill gas power generation is a stable source of power and is being used all over the world.
“Landfill gas is a harmful GHG (green house gas) that can provide power and contribute to the renewable energy targets in the region,” she explained.

The GCC is changing from a region that is dependent on fossil fuels to one that is diversifying its energy strategy and including renewable energy as a source of power.

Aggressive targets have been set for development here, too, and GESS can provide some insight and solutions.



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