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Total Tanzania’s Managing Director, Jean-Francois Schoepp, Puma Supply Manager, Adam Eliewinga, and Oryx’s representative, August Dominick were, last week, arrested by security forces in Tanzania and taken into custody for interrogation.

The arrest happened while the three were in a consultative meeting between oil marketers and the Energy and Water Regulatory Authority (Ewura) in Dar es Salaam.

The African Energy Chamber has expressed concern over the development and is calling for the respect of the rule of law in the East African nation.

Given how critical these times are and the ongoing economic crisis across the continent because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chamber is hoping for a quick and amicable resolution to such disagreements that are detrimental to Tanzanian citizens.

“We hope that any ongoing disagreement between oil marketers and the Tanzanian government will be quickly resolved so everyone can get back to business to provide services to Tanzanian consumers. The Chamber has repeatedly applauded Tanzania for its strike in discovering significant gas resources. With the right infrastructure, Tanzania’s natural resources could transform the country into an oasis of energy growth.

“We do not want to see such isolated incidents affect the attractiveness of the country for foreign investors and ultimately affect its energy independence and slow down jobs creation,” Nj Ayuk, Executive Chairman at the African Energy Chamber, said.

According to the Chamber, it is open to assisting all parties in reaching an amicable solution to ongoing disagreements and calls on all stakeholders to promote a stronger dialogue on ongoing matters of fuel supply across Tanzania.


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