Ghana: Rainstorms Could Cause Power Outages-ECG Alerts Public


Ghana’s power distribution company, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), has issued an alert to inform the public that the onset of rains could cause power outages in the country.

The company said it was working tirelessly to strengthen and maintain a robust power distribution network, adding that massive rainstorm and stormy winds usually cause the falling of trees, billboards, ripped roofing, etc on electrical conductors, resulting in major outages.

A release from ECG explained that the major outages that are caused by transient trippings are temporary interruptions.

It said, however, permanent faults on their feeders would have to be rectified and might take a while to be restored by their engineers.

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The ECG urged individualised local outages and incidence of fallen or sagging conductors within customers’ vicinities to report to ECG by calling its Service Centre on 0302-611611, the nearest ECG office or reach out to them on their social media handles via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for prompt intervention.

The statement finally cautioned: “ECG wishes to alert all and sundry to be extremely careful during the rainy days not to go near any sagging or fallen electrical conductor since it could be fatal.”


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