Algeria’s Minister of Energy, Mohamed Arkab, has underscored the need for the industry to accelerate the concretization of local training programs in the hydrocarbon industry to support important current and future oil and gas projects in the region.

Speaking during his visit to the Touat-Gaz group (70 km north of Adrar), the Minister called for accelerating the implementation of local programs for specialized training in hydrocarbons and related trades, in order to have a skilled workforce in the field.

Listening to a technical presentation on the creation of the gas group in question, with a foreign partner, and its entry into operation, in the production and marketing phase of natural gas, Mr. Arkab invited the managers of the Sonatrach and Sonelgaz groups to hasten the finalization of administrative procedures for the opening of a Hydrocarbons Institute in the wilaya of Adrar.

The objective being, he explained, is to offer young people specialized training opportunities in the sector, so as to both generate jobs and support important projects, current and future, of the sector in the region with a qualified workforce.

The Minister of Energy has also inspected the project to build a 110 km gas pipeline to supply power plants through the dairas of the wilaya. Mohamed Arkab valued this operation, which embodies the partnership between two public companies (Sonatrach and Sonelgaz), via Algerian skills and an Algerian energy transport network.

This operation should allow an energy transition, through the operation of power plants running on natural gas, instead of fuel oil, and therefore more efficient, noted the Minister.

The Minister of Energy continues his working visit by inspecting other energy installations in the wilaya.








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