Ghana’s largest independent power producer, Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Limited has invested US$1 million to install a 330kV/161kV interconnecting auto-transformer to ensure stable power transmission and efficient electricity supply in the West African nation.

The amount covers civil works, transportation, installation and commissioning.

The West African country has been facing power congestion on its 330kV Aboadze-Volta transmission line, thus, contributing to shortfall in power supply.

The line mainly transmits electricity from three power plants namely; Amandi plant (192MW), Karpowership (450MW), and Sunon Asogli power plant 360MW (330kV capacity).

However, due to limited capacity of the transformers on the line, the current maximum transmission capacity of the Aboadze-Volta transmission line is only 340MW, which means many generators connected to the line cannot be dispatched.

Despite the government of Ghana owing Independent Power Producers (IPPs) close to GHS1.3 billion including Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Limited, the company decided to acquire and install a 330kV/161kV auto-transformer between Sunon Asogli Power 330kV substation and the existing 161kV Kpone collector substation.

This project will add extra 200MVA transmission capacity for the 330kV Aboadze-Volta transmission line which would not only alleviate congestion to ensure stable power transmission and supply, but also add more than 1500GWh of electricity per year to Ghana’s national grid theoretically, that would be transmitted from the 330kV network to the 161kV network.

In addition, the 330kV/161kV auto transformer would forestall the limitation and halting of power transmission to neighbouring countries when the Volta substation trips and reduces the possibility of tripping the 330kV substation, when power transmission lines to neighbouring countries trip.

With this project executed, the operation of the electricity system becomes more reliable, safer and economical.


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