The government of Ghana has announced plans to supply 12 million free energy saving LED bulbs to electricity consumers across the West African nation.

Per the distribution, Metropolitan Assemblies would receive 50,000 each covering 6W, 9W, and 13W, while Municipal and District Assemblies would receive 40,000 and 30,000 each respectively.

The initiative forms part of the Ghana government’s nationwide energy conservation and demand side management exercise which targets homes and strategic institutions, since their collective energy consumption accounts for over half of the national electricity demand.

Addressing the media in Accra, capital of Ghana, on Thursday, Ghana’s Energy Minister, John-Peter Amewu said the venture is to ensure energy wastage in the system is reduced.

According to him, the project would start in three months’ time through Metropolitan, Municipal, District and other local media to ensure a successful process.

Mr Amewu said the government used GHc200 million to procure the LED bulb to ensure that all households, universities, hospitals and other heavy energy consumers adopt the use of energy efficient appliances to reduce burden on the national grid.

“To ensure that the government achieves its intended purpose for this exercise, energy conservation and demand side management, a comprehensive audit would be conducted by relevant government institutions a month after distribution of the LED bulbs,” the Energy Minister said.

He urged Ghanaians to remain vigilant and ensure nobody sells the free six watts bulbs to them when the exercise starts in three months’ time across the nation.



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