Ghana: COPEC Urges Road Users To Adhere To Road Safety Regulations To Avoid Accidents


The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC-GH), a petroleum consumer advocacy group in the Republic of Ghana, has joined calls for greater safety of all motorists, as well as other road users to observe road safety regulations in order to avert any unfortunate road accidents during the yuletide.

Arguably, road traffic fatalities and their accompanying wreckages are becoming a growing public health concern nationwide.

Records show that, the first half of 2019 recorded 6,844 road crashes which have resulted in some 1,252 fatalities. These figures are, indeed, devastating, unfortunate and alarming.

“The safety of public transport operators, private drivers and the general public with respect to the safe use of our roads is an issue of concern to us during this Christmas season. It is evident that transportation activities will be on the rise during this festive season as individuals are expected to travel across the length and breadth of the country to celebrate with family and loved ones,” COPEC noted in a statement copied to

COPEC entreated motorists and pedestrians to observe every necessary road safety regulation for the avoidance of road traffic fatalities.

COPEC is of the firm belief that state agencies including the Police MTTD, the National Road Safety Commission and other relevant state institutions engaged in road safety management would intensify awareness creation and preventive efforts towards reducing the risk of road accidents and unexpected carnages during this season.

The statement called on the general public to adhere to safety measures such as maintenance of their vehicles, observing appropriate speed limits, obeying road signs and avoidance of driving under duress/stress, alcoholic influences and/or other hard drug substances.

COPEC used the opportunity to wish drivers, pedestrians, business entities and the general public a Merry Christmas and an incident-free festive celebration.


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