Ghana: Fishermen At Salakope ‘Starved’ Of Premix Fuel For Over Two Years


Premix fuel, a commodity which is used by fishermen in the West African country, Ghana, is said to be in short supply at Salakope, a fishing community in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Region.

The situation has slowed down fishing and other economic activities in the area.

According to the Ghana News Agency, fishermen in the area alleged that the premix fuel pump in the area had not had deliveries for over two and a half years and that the situation was impacting negatively on their livelihood.

The report said due to shortages at places where the fishermen bought premix from, they were compelled to go for petrol and engine oil from filling stations at high cost, resulting in their inability to embark on regular fishing expeditions.

“Our canoe is most of the time, berthed at the landing beach site here because our operation cost is far outweighing our gains. If we get the premix fuel, better but without it, we run at a loss. I don’t want to talk about the women. They complain about the price of fish lately,” one opinion leader said.

Premix fuel is a blue-dyed, highly subsidised blend of fuel made for use by fishermen as government’s intervention in the fisheries sector.

National Premix Committee (NPC) established in July 2009 oversees the administration and distribution of the petroleum product to pumps at the various landing beaches across the country.

The report said the Chief Fisherman and Chairman for Salakope Landing Beach Committee in charge of running the premix fuel station, Torgbui Emmanuel Anomoo Tettey confirmed that the pump had been empty for about 30 months.

According to him, the Salakope Premix Fuel Station had been owing five oil marketing companies (OMCs); G & G, Frimps Oil, Infin, Plus Energy and Rural Energy in excess of GH¢80,000 since 2017.

He said the situation came about when members of the committee responsible for keeping proceeds from the sale of the product failed to render account and to pay for deliveries received.

He said attempts were made to get Mr Innocent Lartey, Secretary to the Committee (now at large), believed to be in charge of the proceeds to pay but unsuccessful. Mr Elliot Edem Agbenorwu, Ketu South Municipal Chief Executive, implored the committee to find means to settle the debt owed the OMCs for them to resume receiving deliveries for their fishing activities.

Mr Agbenorwu said though he felt the pains of Salakope fishermen, the Assembly was not in the position to defray the outstanding debt.


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