Ghana’s hydropower generation company, Volta River Authority (VRA) has dismissed recent media reports suggesting that the Akosombo hydro-dam is in danger.

According to the VRA, the dam, which was built in 1966, thus, 53 years ago, is safe and can last for 100 years more.

The VRA said this is due to serious maintenance work they undertake regularly.

VRA indicated that a report which was done by dam review board, which included international experts, showed that the dam is safe.

“This dam is safe because daily inspections are done, monthly inspections are also done. Again, there is yearly inspection and one in five years, inspections are also done by dam review board which comes to inspect the facility.”
In a 2015 report, the dam is said to be fit for 100 years.

“The dam will continue working for the next 100 years as long as we continue to do the required maintenance. Maintenance is very important,” Ing. Eugene Asomontsi, Director at the Engineering Services Department of VRA said, after touring the facility with some selected journalists.

The Akosombo Dam generates between 900 MW and 1,020 MW, representing about 80 percent of Ghana’s electricity generation mix.

Ing. Asomontsi explained that between last year and this year alone, VRA has spent about US$10m on maintenance of the facility.

He revealed that in March next year, the team of expert would carry out an assessment of the dam since it is five years ago that a similar exercise was undertaken.



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