Ghana: Fuel Price Hikes Suffocating Us, Reduce It Now-Petroleum Sector Workers

Bernard Owusu is the Chairman of General Transport Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union of TUC

The General Transport, Petroleum and Chemical Workers Union (GTPCWU) of TUC in the Republic of Ghana, has expressed unhappiness about how government is imposing hardships on workers through what it described as incessant increases in fuel prices.

According to the petroleum sector workers in the West African nation, their plights are getting worse because of the fuel hikes and its impact on prices of other goods and services.

They contended that life has become unbearable for most of them as a result of the frequent hikes in fuel prices.

In a statement signed by Deputy General Secretary of GTPCWU, Mr Francis Sallah and copied to, the Union reminded government to be mindful of the implications of the sharp increases in taxes on petroleum products on Ghanaians and take steps to bring them relief.

“The fuel price increase is coming from the many taxes and fees that are being levied on Ghanaians. The taxes are high and too many leading to a worsening of the living standards of Ghanaians. The tax on fuel alone is between 40%-45% of the fuel price. Government must immediately reduce the tax to lessen the burden on Ghanaian workers.

“Fuel prices are being increased indiscriminately. This development does not bode well for the living conditions of workers, their families and Ghanaians in general and it must be halted,” the statement added.

“We call for decorous discussions about ending the suffering of workers and Ghanaians. Government must seek to fulfill its promise of making the lives of Ghanaians better.

“We are calling for a reduction in the taxes to ease the difficulties of workers. We hope and believe that this piece will go a long way to send a signal to government on the appalling and harsh conditions faced by the Ghanaian worker and the society in general to enable it take a position to rectify them without delay.”

Fuel prices at the pump shot up last Monday from the previous GHc5.19 per litre to about GHc5.39 for a litre, representing a 3.7% jump in previous figures at the pumps.

Below is the full statement


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