Ghana: What New BOST MD Should Do To Succeed

Edwin A. Provencal is the newly appointed Managing Director of BOST

The Executive Director of Institute for Energy Security in the Republic of Ghana, Paa Kwasi Anamua Sakyi, believes the newly appointed Managing Director of Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited, Edwin A. Provencal, can only succeed in his position if he adheres to these four key points.

In his view, the first thing the new MD should do is to be a quick learner by getting abreast with operations of BOST very fast, knowing very well that his background is more of telecommunication.

Speaking on Accra-based Oman Fm, Anamua Sakyi said the new MD should also be a man of his own capacity as in thoughts and actions, although he was politically appointed.

“At BOST, if the workers get to know that you don’t know what you’re about, everybody will become your special advisor. And they are going to give you both good and bad advice,” he said.

The third thing the IES boss said Edwin Provencal should do is to unite the staff’s front and manage their political and personal interest, by seeking to get them into a national interest for their own good.

He explained that BOST is polarised because of political elements in the company.

Lastly, Anamua Sakyi said Edwin Provencal should set a strategic goal for the company within the stated mandates, stressing that when the staff realised that he has vision, they will support him.

He cautioned that failure to do these would be difficult for him to succeed.



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