South Africa: Voith Launches On-site Machining And Servicing Tools


Voith, a technology group which provides array of services including energy and oil and gas, has introduced on-site machining and service tools for customers, businesses and authorities in South Africa.

The new services include the refurbishment of plant components in installed or independent state by linear and circular milling, as well as drilling, boring and welding.

The portable on-site machine equipment ensures increased plant up-time and safety.

Cutting assembly, dismantling and transport costs for the refurbishment and maintenance of plant equipment are reduced to a minimum.

“During the past two years, we built up an extensive range of on-site machining and repair services through the acquisition of equipment and the training of new staff.

“Now, we can provide cost-effective workshop-quality machining for the largest and smallest on-site machining projects in Southern Africa,” Anton Harris, Head of Service and Managing Director of Voith Hydro in South Africa said during the launch on Thursday.

“Besides the use in the hydropower sector, the equipment is also applicable to all fields of processing industry in Africa such as the oil and gas or the mining industry.

“For hydropower plants, the Voith range of services is amplified to assessments, trouble shooting, repair and assembly services–along the whole life cycle of an operating plant.”

The on-site machining equipment is stored in sea freight containers on the Voith company premises in South Africa. 

From there, the equipment is ready to be shipped on the road or on the seaway to any location in Southern Africa.

 Overview of Voith’s On-site Machining Equipment

For a whole range of different boring, drilling and facing applications, there are three heavy-duty line boring machines, which can be equipped with different heads and with an orbital welding machine for welding and re-profiling applications.

The linear mill is a bed-type milling machine for universal use in a fast and accurate way.

Together with the adjustable head mounting options for angular milling and the different tooling options, a wide range of milling jobs can be fulfilled.

Voith’s circular mill is equipped with an incremental drive and can be setup for the machining of large internal diameters and flanges.

While the circular mill comes in a customised container with removable roof and door header, the linear mill and the line boring machines are delivered in steal boxes, or depending on the application in a container.

For repairs and installations, a fully-equipped tool container is also available.



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