Libya: NOC And Schlumberger Sign MOU


Libya’s state-run oil and gas firm, National Oil Company and Schlumberger have signed an MoU aimed at establishing a specialized training and development center in Benghazi.

The training center is part of NOC’s focus on “upskilling the next generation of oil sector workers.”

The center will concentrate on professional excellence in exploration, drilling and petroleum engineering, and be equipped with the latest high-tech equipment to develop qualified technical staff necessary to sustain the sector.

A statement on the NOC website said the development programs will deliver on-the-job training and aim to upskill key engineering competencies to improve production rates, operational efficiency, and workplace safety.

Courses will prioritize the teaching of additional recovery methods, innovative directional drilling and fracturing techniques, as well as the development of shale oil reserves.

Schlumberger has also offered to host Libyan engineers and technicians through on-work training programs across the company’s worldwide operations.












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