Seabed Geosolutions Gets Ocean Bottom Node Job In West Africa


Seabed Geosolutions, a joint venture between Fugro and CGG, has been awarded a 4D ocean bottom node (OBN) monitor survey in West Africa from an unnamed major oil company.

The project, for which the data is expected to be acquired over a two-month period during the third quarter of 2019, will cover 151 square kilometers in water depths up to 600 meters, Fugro said on Monday.

The ocean bottom nodes will be deployed by remotely operated vehicles.

 “We are excited to secure another survey for this repeat customer, creating a better understanding of the development of their reservoir. It will secure backlog continuity for our CASE Abyss crew and the Hugin Explorer vessel,” Stephan Midenet, CEO of Seabed Geosolutions, commented.

Seabed Geosolutions collects geophysical data on the seabed through an array of imaging technologies for oil and gas companies, focused on the development and production phases of their fields.



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