Ghana: Interruption In Gas Supply Caused Thursday’s Power Outage-GRIDCo   


Ghana’s power transmission company, Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), has attributed the cause of Thursday’s power outage, which was experienced in some parts of the West African country, to an interruption in gas supply from Atuabo Gas Processing Plant to the generating plants in the Western Region.

Some parts of the country on Thursday, 27 June 2019 experienced a power outage in the evening for several hours.

The situation compelled persons living in the affected areas to go on social media platforms to express their frustration. It was unclear what might have caused the interruption in power supply.

However, in a statement copied to, GRIDCo explained that the outage occurred “when all the generators in the Aboadze enclave, i.e. TAPCO, TICO and Ameri, suddenly ceased operation due to the loss of gas supply feeding these generating plants.”

“All generators which tripped had been reconnected to the National Interconnected Transmission System (NITS)” by Friday morning and “all bulk supply points have been restored”, the statement added.

It also said: “We regret any inconvenience caused to customers and the general public” and assured the general public that it will continue to “work with all stakeholders to provide adequate and reliable electricity supply to customers.”



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