Minister of Energy for the Republic of Ghana, John-Peter Amewu, says residents of Kroboland in the Eastern Region, were justified in protesting what he described as outrageous electricity bills they had been receiving from the Power Distribution Services Ghana Limited.

“I support the people of Krobo Odumase 100% for demanding their rights because I will not tolerate such nonsense,” he stated.

Mr. Amewu made the statement on Monday when he visited the family of the little boy who lost his life when some residents of Odumase clashed with the police last Wednesday over attempts to stop staff of PDS from disconnecting their homes from the national grid.

The 14 year-old Thomas Partey was hit by stray bullet after security officers fired shots to dispel the crowd.

Condoling with the family of the deceased teenager, Mr. Amewu described the development as “totally uncalled for”.

“If you are billing somebody on a wrong meter, of course, you [consumers] have every justification to demand the right thing to be done.
“I have seen it [bill], the bill is not working and you have given me money to pay and I have every right to query the authorities that are responsible,” he held the view of the residents.

Why PDS was brought in

He stressed that it is situations like the Odumase incident that compelled the government to introduce PDS improve service delivery in the power sector.

“We brought in PDS to change the system [so] if they are not able to change the system we as well as ask them to leave. We are not bringing them into this system to continue to add to the existing malpractice and nonsense that we have [in the system], that is not the reason why we brought them,” he stressed.

He pledged government’s support for the bereaved family towards the funeral and burial of the teenager and assured his determination to ensure justice is served to the family.

“Government will unveil the issue that brought about the issue resulting in the death of the 14-year-old [and] will interrogate the perpetrators and bring them to book,” he said.


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