Krobo: We’ll Keep You In Darkness Until You Demonstrate Readiness To Pay Your Bills-PDS To Kpongunor


Ing. Joseph Forson

Residents of Kpongunor in the Lower Manya Krobo will have to remain in darkness for a longer time, unless they resort to the use of other means of power to have lights.

Power Distribution Services (PDS), the new electricity distribution company, on Monday, put off all the transformers that serve the area, following opposition from irate youth of Kpongunor not to allow staff of PDS from entering the community to undertake revenue mobilisation exercise to retrieve monies owed them.

Reports indicated that the agitating youth mounted road blocks, threatening to lynch staff of PDS should they enter any house.

The situation compelled staff of PDS to retreat to their offices.

It would be recalled that some youth of Krobo, last year, attacked staff of the then ECG, forcing management to close the district office in the area.

Since 2017, residents of Kroboland have refused to pay for electricity they have consumed over claims that the late Kwame Nkrumah promised their ancestors they would enjoy free electricity because their land was taken for the development of Kpong Thermal Project.

In an interview with, the Tema Regional Manager for PDS, Ing. Joseph Forson recounted events leading to the decision of PDS to cut power supply to the community.

He said last week, the staff of PDS started what he described as intensive revenue mobilisation exercise within the Kroboland and continued the exercise on Monday.

He said when staff of PDS, who were using the Kpong stretch of the road to enter Kpongunor got to a point, they realised that the youth had blocked the road and had put on red armbands and chanting war songs, despite the presence of the police.

He continued that upon seeing the action of the irate youth, staff of PDS retreated to their offices but before leaving the community, they made sure they put off all the transformers serving the people of Kpongunor.

Ing. Forson stated that his outfit would not restore power to the community until they become reasonable and accept responsibility to pay for the power they have consumed.

“They will continue to be in darkness until they reason up.

“We believe that as a company, as we’re serving you with electricity for you to enjoy, you must also be responsible to pay for the power you have consumed,” he stated.

The Tema Regional PDS Manager expressed worry about the seeming unconcern posture taken by the opinion leaders in the community.

In his view, the leaders in the community must be able to bring the youth to order if they want their electricity restored.
According to him, PDS is not interested in disconnecting consumers arguing that it is the last resort.


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