PURC Sensitizes Editors On Tariff Determination Processes


Dr. Simons Yao Akorli, Director for Regulatory Economics at PURC answering a question from the press

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has sensitised some selected editors of media organisations in the country on the Commission’s mandate as far as tariffs setting is concerned.

The objective of the media engagement was to afford the Commission the opportunity to walk the media through some form of education for them to be abreast with issues.

The Director for Regulatory Economics at the PURC, Dr Simons Yao Akorli, took the editors through a presentation on Tariff Settings: An insight into PURC’s Tariff Determination Process and Tariff Decision Factors.

In his presentation, Dr Simons Akorli noted that ACT 538 Act 1997, which establishes the Commission, required PURC to hold consultations with key stakeholders and receive proposals from utility companies.He said these proposals were subjected to the Commission’s benchmark indicators before arriving at a decision on how much consumers are supposed to pay.

The presentation touched on PURC’s Automatic Tariff Adjustment Policy and Methodology, Methodology for Determination of Utilities Revenue Requirement, Cost Recovery/Cost Reflectivity, Revenue Stability/Reasonable Returns, Economic Efficiency, Electricity Generation Revenue Requirement, Composite Bulk Generation Tariff Determination Flow Chart and Tariff/Rate Allocation: Equity Issues.


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