A resident of Lakeside, a suburb of Legon in the Greater Accra Region, has expressed his frustration about the inability of the Power Distribution Services (PDS) to replace a damaged electric pole which is carrying a transformer in the area.

In a Facebook post, the resident said the pole had been damaged for more than two weeks now, but nobody seemed to be concerned about it.

The pole has been damaged badly at the feet and it is not clear what caused it.

“Don’t wait for people to die before we come and say: “THE INCONVENIENCE IS DEEPLY REGRETTED,”” the post read.

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Dear Power Distribution Services (PDS)
This is happening right in Accra, Lakeside to be specific within the Legon District. Don’t wait for people to die before we come and say “THE INCONVENIENCE IS DEEPLY REGRETTED” . Don’t wait until the unthinkable happens for officialdom to come and read looooooong speeches and BIG GRAMMAR. It has been like this for well over 2weeks. How much does it cost to replace a wooden pole that carries a transformer? We pay some “ENGINEERS” in the LEGON DISTRICT to work, but this is what we get……… I have done my part for GOD AND COUNTRY. Let the responsible people ACT.


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