Ghana Gas to pay $20m dividend to government – PRO


Ernest Owusu Bempah, Head of Communications at Ghana Gas Company Limited

The Head of Communications at Ghana Gas Company Limited, Ernest Owusu Bempah Bonsu, has noted that despite the legacy debts in the energy sector Ghana Gas will soon pay a dividend to the Government of Ghana.

“The Government is doing something about it, it is a cyclical debt in the energy sector and the Ministry of Finance is dealing with it. Basically, that issue does not arise because VRA is paying as we (Ghana Gas ) hold the Gas in trust of Ghana National Petroleum Commission(GNPC) so technicalities are involved.

“Aside that Ghana Gas is doing other projects like supplying close to 60 percent of Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG) as well; that is giving us money; and this year, am disclosing to you we are the only company that is going to pay dividend to the Government of Ghana of about 20 million dollars,” he said.

He revealed that a lot of savings and prudent spending has been undertaken under the Dr Ben Asante administration that has resulted in the Company acquiring an ultra modern office and increasing its employment figures to over 600.

“…Just one and a half months savings of staff indigenization was used to purchase our ultra-modern office in Accra; the Company was staying in somebody’s house; a semi-detached house having about 10 people in one office.

This time around we have the best office in the modern history of a corporate environment; that tells you that prudent management has resulted in that”.


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