Head of Security at the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), Major Lawrence Appiah (Rtd) says they will not hesitate to shoot and kill anyone who will be caught attempting to temper with power installations in the Tema enclave.

According to him, they will go to that extent if that is what will deter those who have made it their business, to destroy power installations.

His warning followed attempts by some suspected arsonists to set ablaze pipelines belonging private oil firm Cirrus Oil Services Limited in Tema on Sunday evening.

Some suspected arsonists piled car tyres on pipelines of Cirrus Oil Services behind the wall of Volta River Authority, in Tema, and set them ablaze.

However, a security man at Red Sea Estates saw the smoke and raised an alarm, attracting Fire Service personnel from VRA to quickly move to the scene to quench the fire.

Speaking to the press, Major Lawrence Appiah, who expressed worry over the recent attack on power installations, said his outfit has brought onboard the National Security, the Military and the police and that they would not spare anyone who wanted to engage in any negative acts that would throw the country into power crisis.

“We want to tell those who are doing this because they do not want the good of Ghana to be very careful in what they intend to do. We are ready with the soldiers. We know the rules of engagement but we will not hesitate if the arrest will not work; to shoot to kill because Ghana must succeed.”

“We all know how the government is working hard to improve power for all to enjoy. Unfortunately, some people are not interested and are trying to do things to bring it down. We are not going to sit down and allow it, so we have done all that we need to do. We have soldiers, police, the BNI and National Security assisting us to ensure that we nip it in the bud”, he told the media.

He wondered why some persons would be bent on pulling the country backward when the power sector agencies are doing their best to ensure sustainable power supply to Ghanaians.


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