A Financial Analyst, Toma Imihere believes an increase in the cost of electricity will help the companies within the power distribution chain generate enough revenue to bring to an end, the continuous erratic power supply saddling the country.

Speaking on Accra based Citi FM on Saturday, he said, the move if considered and rolled out will relieve the ordinary citizen from the much dreaded blackouts.

“If you have to increase tariffs, you better increase it. It is better to have expensive power than to have no power at all”, he said.

Although the Power Distribution Services has suspended an initial load shedding plan due to assurances of enough generation by the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo), Ghanaians are still on tenterhooks as the country’s power situation worsens by the day.
Many businesses, according to analysts, are taking a nose dive as a result of unreliable power supply.

The call by the Financial Analyst may be received with mixed reactions as it is not uncommon for governments to be in the bad books of voters for the upward adjustments in basic utilities and social amenities.

When asked if the action will not have a toll on the governing party as the next general election draws closer, Mr. Imihere mounted a strong defense for his argument saying: “it is better than having the lights off. At least if there is expensive power, you can choose to have your power on or off. Even when there is ‘dumsor’ and you want to pay for the power, you won’t get it.”


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