Scene of the protest

Information reaching indicates that residents of Odumase-Krobo in the Eastern Region have blocked all the major routes in the area this evening in protest of three days of continuous power outages.

The action of the residents, this portal understands, has peeved scores of passengers onboard various vehicles and heading to places like Asesewa, Kpong, Accra and other areas.

Reports say the residents are also burning lorry tyres on the Odumase-Asesewa road, Odumase-Kpong road as well as the road from Odumase to Accra.

Vehicles from Accra, Asesewa and Kpong which wanted to use Odumase to their various destinations were said to have been made to retun to where they were coming from.

Eric Boafo, a reporter with Rite FM, who confirmed the incident, described the situation as worrying and terrible.

He said there had been three days of continuous power outages and that the residents hoped that power would be restored.

He said the unpleasant situation compelled the residents to do a public announcement to warn that if power was not restored, they would be compelled to hit the streets.

According to Eric Boafo, power was restored this afternoon only for it to go off at about 6:25pm.

The situation he said angered the residents to hit the streets.

Reports say personnel from the Odumase-Krobo Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) are at the scene to quench the fire, but the angry youth are resisting them.


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