Marine police officer shoots himself at Osagyefo Power Barge


The deceased

A Marine Police officer has reportedly shot himself dead at Osagyefo Power Barge at Efassu near Half-Assini in the Western Region.

The police officer whose name is not immediately known, is said to have left a note before taking his own life.

“I can’t take this disgrace, something I don’t know anything about”, the note read.

The note, according to sources, contain the contact of his ‘wife’ and other two phone numbers.

The cause of his death is not immediately known, but it is believed to be linked to a case in which four police officers have been interdicted for stealing cables, fridges and other valuables from the Osagyefo Power Barge.

The Osagyefo Barge is a 125 MW barge-mounted gas turbine electric power generating station located at Effasu in the Western Region of Ghana.

The 77m long barge is equipped with a pair of single-cycle heavy-duty gas turbine units built by Ansaldo that have a combined generating capacity of 125 MW. It is designed to burn either natural gas or diesel fuel.

The 125 MW power barge was ordered by the Ghanaian government in 1995 with financial assistance from the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund of Japan.

It was intended to generate electricity from natural gas obtained from offshore production fields. The project development called for 450 MW of combined cycle power barges to belated in a man-made lagoon.

The barge was built in Italy at Navalmare Yard, completed in 1999, and delivered to Ghana in October 2002.

It was then moored at the Sekondi Naval Base in Sekondi until 2005, when it was moved to Effasu after the completion of dredging necessary to allow it to enter the harbour there.


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