Premix fuel diversion has ceased in Volta Region – Deputy Regional Minister-Designate


Deputy Minister-Designate for Volta Region, Johnson Avuletey, has stated that his region, for some time now, records zero incidence of Premix fuel diversion.

Prior to this development, fishermen across the country have been complaining over the lack of access to premix fuel which generated public uproar.

This resulted in a joint action by stakeholders to review all premix fuel outlets in the country as well as shut down those that fall short of standard requirements

Meanwhile, Mr Avuletey told Parliament’s Appointment committee on Wednesday that the steady supply of premix fuel to landing beach committees has gone great lengths to reverse the perennial challenge of shortages and diversion of the fuel, which has been a lively threat to the fisheries sector.

‘’I can say that diversion is no more going on. I don’t think so. The landing beach members are members of the regional monitoring committee at the same time. They serve as watch men on each other so the minister sometimes goes on field to check whether the right things are been put in place’’, he asserted

He added, when given the mandate to serve as Deputy Minister, he would strive to propel the fisheries sector to greater heights in the region.

The Deputy Minister-Designate went on further to note that patrons should not be complacent with the level of sanity achieved so far as there is more work to be done in bringing President Akufo-Addo’s dream of a sanitized premix fuel distribution system to fruition in the Volta region.

Mr. Avuletey appeared before the appointments committee Wednesday March 20, 2019 to be vetted for the position of Deputy Regional Minister.


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