Dangote Fertilizer Limited, a subsidiary of Dangote, has entered into a long-term agreement with Chevron Nigeria Limited for the delivery of natural gas from Chevron’s supply portfolio to the fertilizer plant, which is expected to start operations soon.

A joint statement explained that the contract, under the gas sale and aggregation agreement is part of the international oil company’s gas obligation to the domestic market through GACN.

The signing ceremony, held at the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) office in Lagos, was executed on behalf of the parties by Dangote Industries Limited’s group executive director for strategy, capital projects and portfolio development, Devakumar Edwin; along with chairman and MD for Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), Jeffrey Ewing; head of gas monitoring and regulation division at the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Sanya Bajomo; and MD and CEO of Gas Aggregation Company Nigeria Limited (GACN), Engr. Morgan Okwoche.

According to Bajomo, this gas supply agreement is an issue of national interest “and what happened today is going to be transmitted to the presidency”.

Also speaking at the signing ceremony, Edwin said the company is looking forward to having a long-term relationship with Chevron Nigeria Limited as well as synergies in other upstream and wider areas of operations in the oil and gas sector. Read more: Pipeline to export Ethiopian gas to Red Sea state

CNL’s Chairman and MD, Jeffrey Ewing, said: “This agreement is very important for the country and Chevron is committed to Nigeria’s economic development.”

Morgan Okwoche, CEO of GACN, also commented: “I am excited that this is happening during my term in office. You cannot imagine my satisfaction in having this contract signed at this time.”


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